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Links ~

 Internal links - my personal pages:

Although this website was created primarily as an archive for my CV and a contact point, it also houses a few personal pages that I've written that highlight my interests and allows me to have some form of web presence on-line for those that are interested.

Acorn Antiques : A geeky page devoted to Acorn BBC microcomputers

Angling : A page covering my interest in angling and where I fish

Dave Swallow Centrepin Reels : A look at the reels used by Bob James in the 'A Passion for Angling' TV series

Chasing 'A Passion for Angling' : My hunt for the infamous Bob James peg at Frensham Small Pond

Mercenary : Escape from Targ (& walkthrough) : A fan page to the retro classic 'Mercenary' by Novagen

'Mort Vivant' Archive : A page dedicated to the punk rock band I was in during school

Littlefields at Home : The very old Littlefield family website (and my old website @ 2002)


 External links - other websites:

Here are several links to other websites that I regularly frequent or find useful:

Linked In (my profile) : my personal profile for business networking purposes

Institute of Physics (IOP) : a professional body to which I am a member

GPS World : useful GNSS information for industry and research purposes

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